A Real estate Personal Shopper is a real estate advisor who acts exclusively on behalf of property BUYERS or INVESTORS, assisting our clients during the entire purchasing process.

At SOMRIE we guide our client throughout the acquisition of any real estate asset, both for particulars and professionals; finding, negotiating and always choosing the best option for our client.

We provide technical, financial and legal advices throughout the entire purchase process and after-sale services for any real estate transaction: investment, expansion, residential, business spaces, etc.

We are not a real estate agency as we do not have any product in our portfolio; we search for our customers throughout the whole market.


A typical day of a Real Estate Personal Shopper


Our first goal is to understand your real estate project; so we organize a meeting to identify your needs and the characteristics of the property you want to purchase:

Property type, location, new construction or resale, with terrace, garden or pool, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, with parking, area services… and the budget you have.

We search for properties through all available channels; we select and visit previously the properties that best suit your needs and expectations.
We prepare a detailed report of each property we visited; with photos, floor plans and a detailed description of the property.
We coordinate the visits of the selected properties with our customer.
After selecting the property of your interest, our technicians prepare a report in order to verify the actual condition of the property and avoid possible surprises.
Experts in the real estate market, we negotiate on your behalf to get the best price possible.
We do a previous reading of the contract deed, accompanying our client to the notary on the day of deed signature.
Our Real Estate Personal Shopper Service does not end with the purchase of your home; we also advise you on all after-sales formalities: changes in ownership, specific documents to government agencies, consultation to our technical team, etc.

2. Architecture

Our customers have the possibility to work with our technical department for restoring or renovating their homes: AC-SOMRIE

AC-SOMRIE operates in the field of Architecture and Construction, reforming our customers’ homes or business spaces, both for particulars and professionals.

3. Pack Duo

Do you need to sell your current home before buying your new one?

As an additional service to our client, SOMRIE can manage the sale of the current property of our client.
With the “Pack Duo” SOMRIE can manage and synchronize the two operations of buying and selling simultaneously.